The Ancient Vault Dungeons represent the most difficult challenge placed before the Guardians of Midgard. The Ancient Vaults are filled with extremely powerful monsters and bosses but offer great rewards for those who have what it takes to brave their depths.

Ancient VaultEdit

Guardians may access the Ancient Vault Dungeons by entering the Dungeon Portal and tapping on Ancient Vault at the top of the world map. The Ancient Vault is unique in that it awards Guild Points to those who are powerful enough to conquer it!

The Ancient Vault is split into two sections:

  1. Ancient Vault [Hard]
    • Recommended ATK: 20,000
    • Enemy types: Fairy, Human, Demon
    • Heart Cost: 20
    • Best Drop: Sealed Gold Card, Sealed Apostle of Red Cross
  2. Ancient Vault [Hell]
    • Recommended ATK: 30,000
    • Enemy Types: Beast, Warrior, God
    • Heart Cost: 20
    • Best Drop: Sealed Gold Card, Sealed Legendary Slasher

Coming SoonEdit

Don't have enough attack to fulfill the recommended requirements? Don't worry! The next update also comes with many new ways to increase your attack power and gain prestige as a Guardian. Stay tuned for subsequent days of the Midgard Offensive for more information on Sealed Cards, Legendary Sets and more!